Cleveland Drain Cleaning Services

Your drain would work perfectly all of the time if it handled clear water only. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and they are typically required to handle grease, hair, dirt, soap, and all sorts of items that can cause clogs. The professional plumbers at ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Cleveland have been thoroughly trained on the processes and the tools required to tackle any type of drain-cleaning challenge.

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Kitchen Drains

Food, soap, and grease constantly going down your kitchen drain can build up and cause the drain to run more slowly. If you notice that the water is draining more slowly, it’s very likely that a clog is forming and you should call a plumbing expert to help you identify and clear the drain. If you allow it to go too long without clearing the clog, it could cause unnecessary problems for your family and you.

Toilet Drains
If a toilet is malfunctioning, it is sometimes due to a clog. Before treating the clog, it’s important to identify if the toilet itself is clogged, or if there as a larger outlying problem such as sludgy buildup or an impediment in the main sewer line. If your bathroom sink still drains properly, it’s likely just a toilet clog and a plunger should be able to fix it. However, if the sink is also not draining, you should promptly call a professional plumber to help you identify the larger issue. Also, to note, if your toilet requires plunging frequently, a professional may need to inspect it for additional problems.

Keep in mind that toilet paper is designed to disintegrate. Other products like facial tissues or baby wipes are not intended to be flushed, and as a result, can frequently cause clogs in the toilet. To avoid clogs, ensure that only items made to be flushed are placed in the toilet – no toys or foreign objects!

Shower/tub Drains
If you’re showering or draining a bath, the water should drain immediately. If it does not, you may have a clog in your shower trap and drainpipe. If drain cleaning is necessary, we recommend calling a professional plumber rather than try to resolve it yourself.

Bathroom Sink Drains
Bathroom sinks can have clogs due to the frequent soap, toothpaste, or grime that goes down them. If you accidentally lose a piece of jewelry down the drain, do not run more water! Call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Cleveland, and we should be able to remove the jewelry without too much trouble.

Floor Drains
Often garages, patios, driveways, and even laundry rooms have drains in the floor to carry away water and help to prevent flooding. These drains usually have a trap that should also be filled with water; this helps to prevent sewer gas from escaping and can keep odors at bay.

Lastly, use caution when using a drain-cleaning product purchased at the store or supermarket. These products usually contain harsh chemicals, and can be damaging to your pipes.

Call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Cleveland plumbing specialists at 216-749-4600 for expert help with your clogged toilet or sink, slow-draining shower or any drain-related problem.