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If your kitchen plumbing includes a garbage disposal unit, you likely know the value of this tool when cleaning up after cooking and meals. Garbage disposals reduce the amount of food waste that sits in your kitchen’s trash can, helping you keep your kitchen clean and fresh while reducing the amount of time it takes to clear plates and increasing the efficiency of your dishwasher. However, garbage disposals are not a one-time purchase—over time, wear and tear will diminish the disposal’s function until replacement is needed. The average garbage disposal unit can be expected to last five to ten years. If your garbage disposal is experiencing trouble and is reaching this timeframe, your best choice might be garbage disposal replacement to update your plumbing system with a more efficient appliance that you can expect to last for years to come. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that play a part in selecting the best product for garbage disposal replacement in Cleveland.

Disposal Types

There are two main types of garbage disposal units: continuous feed and batch feed disposals. The best type of garbage disposal for your home will depend on the amount of food waste you generate and how you use your disposal every day. Continuous feed disposals are the most common type of garbage disposal unit, and simply require the flip of a switch to activate. While your disposal is running, you’ll need to keep your water running as well to flush food through the system and prevent clogs. By contrast, batch feed disposals won’t run without its associated cap in place. These disposals are meant to be filled and then activated to handle food waste in discrete batches. While batch disposals are often best for households that generate minimal food waste, they can also be a good idea for homes with children, as these disposals will not run without a cap to minimize accidental injuries or non-food items falling down the drain, where they can irreparably damage the disposal.

Other Disposal Options

When choosing a product for garbage disposal replacement, there are several additional options to consider beyond continuous and batch function. Disposals are typically manufactured from either aluminum or stainless steel. The type of material in the disposal will affect its cost, but can also impact its functionality and longevity. Aluminum disposals are less expensive upfront, but are prone to issues such as corrosion that can lead to damaging leaks that shorten the lifetime of the unit, requiring you to replace it sooner. A stainless steel disposal might cost more to purchase, but won’t corrode or leak, protecting the space beneath your sink and increasing the system’s longevity. If your home’s plumbing empties into a septic tank rather than a municipal sewer, talk to your plumber about adding a septic assist dispenser, which adds enzymes to food waste before it is drained into your tank to improve waste breakdown and reduce odors. Additionally, if you are concerned about items falling into your disposal, your plumber can add a baffle that keeps silverware and other objects out to protect your belongings and your disposal.

Our Cleveland plumbers are here to help you maintain a safe and efficient kitchen with garbage disposal replacement and repair services. You can also check out our additional plumbing solutions when you click through our website, where you’ll find our library of previous blog articles for further disposal tips and plumbing information to ensure your home always provides a comfortable and efficient environment for your family.

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