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Modern homes today feature equally modern toilets and fixtures that are well-functioning, exquisitely designed, and water-efficient. For an appointment with an expert plumbing-2 technician, call 216-749-4600 today. This complimentary consultation will allow you to review the savings and benefits that can come with a fixture upgrade in your bathroom or kitchen.

mom and daughter by kitchen sink

Cleveland Plumbing Fixture Installation & Replacement

For a more inviting bathroom in your home, consider installing an updated sink, tub, or shower fixtures. In case you are on the fence, also consider the value these fixtures would add that future homebuyers will appreciate! New, more water-efficient fixtures often utilize aerators to maintain good water pressure and reduce water usage. Other items to consider are the new programmable tools that allow you to personalize your shower experience. These tools let you completely make the shower your own, with controls for water temperature, water pressure, and even spray type!

Cleveland Toilet Installation & Replacement

Did you know that flushing toilets make up approximately 30% of the average home’s indoor water use (according to the EPA*)? Therefore, it is extremely important for your long-term money savings and water conservation that you maintain your home’s toilets. An upgrade to a low-flow or dual flush model will help make your home more water efficient.

In addition to water efficiency, many improvements have been made to toilet comfort in recent years. You can now include elements like bidets, heated seats, and automated flushing in your home’s new and improved “porcelain throne.” For additional information on toilets, faucets, fixtures, or any other plumbing-2 products and services, you can reach us at 216-749-4600.

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