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Your toilets are some of your home’s hardest-working plumbing-2 appliances. These vital but often-overlooked fixtures can be responsible for nearly 30% of your home’s daily water usage. While toilets are durable features designed to last for many years, they do require replacement when these fixtures have become either damaged beyond reasonable repair or are wasting water due to poor efficiency or outdated manufacturing standards. If you spot the signs that one or more toilets in your home is no longer meeting your needs, your best option may be scheduling toilet replacement with your professional plumbing-2 service.

Your Toilet Is Leaking

While some toilet leaks are simple matters for your plumber to address, other types of leaks indicate that your toilet is ready for replacement. A running toilet can often be solved with a new flapper or fill valve system, but if you’re constantly calling your plumber about the same running toilet, replacing the entire fixture could put an end to this headache. Additionally, leaks that develop due to cracks in the tank or the structure of the toilet are generally not repairable and are best solved with complete toilet replacement.

Your Toilet Is Unsteady

Toilets should be anchored securely to the floor beneath the fixture by a series of bolts and a wax seal that prevents water leakage. If your toilet rocks or otherwise feels unsteady when you sit on it, this is a sure sign that the toilet’s bolts or seal need attention. In the worst case scenario, an unsteady toilet could mean that the floor beneath your toilet has suffered water damage and itself is unstable, requiring professional repair and presenting an ideal opportunity to replace a leaking, damaged, or out-of-date toilet hat has already had a negative effect on your home.

Your Toilet Uses Too Much Water

Prior to 1994, toilet manufacturing regulations were relatively lax. Toilets manufactured and installed before January 1st of this year can use five to seven gallons or more per flush, while toilets manufactured after this date were limited to 1.6 gallons or less per flush. In most cases, you can find the amount of water your toilet uses per flush written on the inside of the tank or on the neck of the toilet bowl where the base of the toilet connects to the tank. If this stamp shows your toilet uses more than 1.6 gallons per flush, the fixture is more than ten years old and is certainly using more water than necessary for your daily needs.

Are you ready to consider the many benefits of toilet replacement in your Cleveland home? Updating your toilets will not only improve the look and value of your bathrooms, it will also make saving water on your monthly bills completely effortless. You can reach an experienced plumber to learn more about toilet replacement and other beneficial plumbing-2 updates via our website, where you’ll also find a full list of our comprehensive plumbing-2 services and solutions. If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest plumbing-2 advancements and news, we invite you to stop by our blog as well.

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