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Every drain in your plumbing-2 system is connected to a single sewer line, which runs beneath your property and connects your home to your municipal sewer system. However, this sewer line is susceptible to damage from a variety of sources, putting your home at risk for sewage backups that can damage your property or your belongings, as well as expose your family to potential health risks. Understanding the situations that can affect your sewer line and why sewer line replacement is needed can help you take fast action to prevent sewer line leaks or backups from occurring.


While modern sewer pipes are made from durable and corrosion-resistant material, older sewer pipes may be made from materials that are highly susceptible to corrosion from minerals and chemicals carried by your home’s wastewater. Additionally, even the most durable sewer lines can become corroded with many decades of use or even relatively short periods of use when under significant strain, leading to weaknesses that may eventually develop into cracks or other damage. When your sewer line cracks, it may allow wastewater to leak into your yard or put the pipe at risk for collapse, both situations in which you will need to schedule sewer line replacement to restore proper drainage.

Pipe Collapse

Sewer pipes can collapse when they become weakened or are placed under strain that is greater than the load they were meant to carry. This may be caused by corrosion, as well as high levels of traffic or heavy weight above the pipe, which compresses the soil around the pipe and leads to collapse under the added pressure. When your sewer line collapses, it causes symptoms similar to a major clog as water backs up into your home, rather than draining away. However, unlike clog removal via simple drain cleaning, a collapsed sewer line will need replacement to allow water to flow away from your home once more.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line damage. As roots extend away from the tree in search of water, they may encounter and eventually break through your sewer pipe, regardless of the material from which it is made. When tree roots invade your sewer line, they can cause both clogging and leaking to occur. Even after your plumber has removed the mass of clogging roots, he will need to replace the damaged portion of the sewer line to prevent additional leaks and future root penetration.

Shifting Soil

Over time, the soil beneath and around your home can shift. While this is a slow process that typically only causes minor changes, certain types of soil and terrain are more susceptible to large shifts; furthermore, flooding and other natural disasters can also cause significant changes in your property. These shifts can affect sewer pipes, sometimes causing them to break, sag, or otherwise form disconnections and problems that affect performance and drainage. Sewer line replacement is then needed to restore pipe integrity and slope.

Our expert plumbers use video sewer line cameras to pinpoint the cause of your sewer issues in Cleveland. An effective sewer line replacement service can quickly eliminate the stress and inconvenience associated with a damaged sewer line. If you have questions about sewer line replacement, drain cleaning, or any other plumbing-2 service for your home or commercial-2 property, please visit our website for additional information and details on how to contact one of our plumbing-2 experts. You can also click through our blog for additional articles that will help you spot the earliest signs of plumbing-2 problems to avoid some of the most common emergency situations.

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